About Us

Mahyar industrial and manufacturing group has begun its activities in 1993 with the aim of producing various products with high export quality in accordance with the international standards, in the field of domestic appliances industry by utilizing a novel and modern approach.

At present, the company operates with more than 100 skilled and efficient human resources via 450 people indirectly, regarding its financial and equipment capabilities on a 22,000 square meter land in Qazvin province, known as a brilliant jewel that is one of the leading companies in the domestic appliances industry at Lia Industrial City. It is worthwhile to mention that the products produced by Mahyar industrial and manufacturing group include the largest sales network along with the strongest after-sales service center (call center) throughout Iran. It is being broadcasted with continuous monitoring and quality control of product lines, prototyping, and equipment entry. The modern European machinery and physical development is developing its commodity basket to compete with both internal and international markets.

In this matter, the company received four international certifications such as ISO9001, ISO18001, ISO14001, ISO10002 by applying the latest technologies in the world in order to increase the satisfaction of both domestic and foreign customers as well as to enhance the quality processes of the products. As such, the main objective of the company is to specific orientations for export development in order to share the international market including Afghanistan and Iraq.

The executive managers of this company believe that the Mahyar group, evolving a novel vision in the domestic appliances industry, will be distinguished a main source of valuable products that compete with the latest achievements of the international domestic appliances industry and in this regard, they started to produce Taysez products.

You deserve it

You deserve it is not merely a motto. Thus, we decided to bring you high-quality products that live up to this notion. Relying on world-class quality like no others in the local market and conformity with international standards, Taysez offers you the joy of using state-of-the-art technology. We also present you with various products, reasonable prices, and pervasive after-sales services for your comfort and trust. You Deserve It!